PMT offers complete line of Magnetic Separators for the Food Processing Industry. PMT designs and manufactures variety of magnetic separators used throughout food processing industry: flour mill, seed crushing/processing, edible oil, animal feed, malt processing, chocolate, baking, sugar, starch, spices, tea, coffee etc., to remove tramp iron from products and prevent damaging of processing machines & equipment.

The global food safety standards reminds of the importance of maintaining product quality and ensuring finished goods for end user are free from contaminants. In the Food processing, raw ingredients are processed and transformed into consumable products for consumers. The aim of the manufacturer is to produce a product of high quality and purity whilst maintaining control of costs.PMT Magnetic Separators will assist in meeting the manufacturer objectives of (a) quality products, (b) compliance of food safety norms and (c) achieving (a) & (b) at minimum costs/investment.

Magnetic Separators are the first line of defence to remove damaging tramp iron in the process flow that can damage equipment or contaminate product. Our magnetic separators can be installed for any type of material (solid/liquid/dry or slurry) and in any type of process including gravity or free-flowing, belt or conveyor fed, pneumatic conveyors or liquid lines.

Magnetic Separators for Food Industry

Plate Magnet

Hump Magnet

Grill Magnet

Rod Magnet

Drum Magnet

Rotary Grill

Suspension Magnet

Drawer Magnet

Dual Door Magnet

Pipe Magnet

Box type Magnet Drum

Overband Suspension Magnet

Pulley Magnet

Liquid In Line Magnet / Magnetic Stainer

Magna Roller

Basically, Separation of Tramp Iron can be introduced at three levels:

1) At the time of Receiving the material

2) Processing of the Raw material

3) Final packaging of Finished Goods

If any unwanted iron makes into the production line it will go on to travel through the end of the process and will be found in the finished goods. The tramp iron will cause damage to the processing machines/ equipment which will lead to unwanted downtime and repairs resulting in loss of money for the company.

One of the major problems of the unwanted iron will be if it is present in finished goods, this contaminated product is ingested by the consumer / end user, it will be harmful for the consumer and damage the reputation of company resulting in reduction of sales and profits.

The damaging iron / unwanted iron problems can be solved using PMT Magnetic Separators. PMT have developed a range of Magnetic Separators for Food Processing Industry: Plate Magnet, Grill Magnet, Rod Magnet, Hump Magnet, Drawer Magnet, Drum Magnet, Box Type Drum Magnet, Dual Door Magnet, Suspension Magnet, Overband Suspension Magnet, Pipe Magnet, Liquid In line Magnetic Separator, Magna Roll and Rotary Grill Magnetic Separator. The magnetic separators are made up of permanent magnets of different strengths and designs depending on the application.

PMT's vast experience of almost 3 decades in the area of Iron Separation will help in selection of Magnetic Separator suitable for a specific application and area in your process line for efficient and effective solution of iron separation.

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