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PMT Magnet Drawer are used in gravity feed chutes for the removal of iron particles within powder or granular materials being processed. The product flows through a series of 1" diameter magnetic rods which are structured in the M.S. or S.S 304 housing to create powerful magnetic circuit. The Magnetic rods are arranged in staggered position to prevent choking of the product stream and maximize iron separation as the product flows through the drawer in-housing.

Manual Cleaning Magnet Drawer is effective type of Magnetic Separator for powder and granular type products. Magnet Drawer are equipped with powerful magnetic rods to handle a wide range of separation tasks in powder or granular product/applications. For best results two staggered decks are recommended, so that material can flow in a zigzag pattern from one deck to the second deck for effective and efficient separation of iron particles from the product flow. To clean the captured iron particles from the magnet drawer, simply open the side locks, individually pull out the deck with magnetic rods from the housing, and wipe the iron particles off the magnetic rods with a gloved hand.

Easy/Self Cleaning Magnet Drawer is a useful magnetic separator ensuring easy and quick cleaning of iron particles. There are two tubes; the outer stationery tube & inner magnetic tube. For cleaning the drawer, operator opens the lock & removes the drawer completely, giving access to the magnetic tubes. Once the drawer is removed from housing, pull the inner tubes containing “Gemini Rare Earth Powerful Magnets” out causing the iron particles to fall off for easy and effective cleaning. The outer stationery tubes would cut its contact with inner magnetic tubes providing the iron particles to fall apart. This helps in reducing the time spent to clean the individual magnetic tube & also provides maintenance free low cost separation avoiding breakdowns of machines & improving quality of production.

Magnet Drawer gives the highest % of iron separation as the material passes through the housing falling on the magnetic rods. They are used where flow of material is large & in powder form such as flour, tea, coffee, grain, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastic powder, guar gum powder, sugar, granulate and any other types of powder. Magnet Drawers are available in different sizes, decks (One, Two or Three) & no. of magnetic rods. Magnet Drawers are also available with flanged housing enabling easy installation. Customized size and design can be accommodated to suit end user specific requirements.