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PMT Magnet Grill are used in variousindustries like Food, Feed, Flour, Grain, Chemical, Plastic& processingplants to remove small iron particles. Magnet Grill are very useful for separation of iron particles from dry, granular or powder material like Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Spices etc.

They are installed in in-feed hopper of machines& are efficient because they work inside the product flow.There is no need for separate arrangement for installation of Magnet Grill.They are designed primarily for fitting in hoppers to arrest the iron particles from the product flow. The Magnet Grills are encased in stainless steel construction and assembled withmagnetic tubes. Thesetubes withheld iron particles & cleaned material enters the machines/processing lines ensuring trouble free operation & quality of production. For best results Magnet Grill should be installed about 150mm above the neck of the hopper. They are available in various sizes, poles, layers/decks& power to suit the customer specification.The grill can be supplied as per the requirement of hopper such as round, rectangular, square to fit into the neck of the hopper. We can custom fabricateMagnet Grill to match customers exact specifications/requirements.

If your material will not flow easily through a standard design grill, we can vary the staggered arrangement of the magnet tubes, increase the spacing between the tubes or make modifications to accommodate your type of product.For higher level of protection, we can also go with double and triple deck/layers Grill. Magnet Grills are manufactured with Gemini Rare Earth Powerful Magnets, which can extract fine iron particles. Magnet Grills are also available with ceramic magnets as per the specific needs of the end user.

Easy to clean Magnet Grill are preferred by end users as it enablesfast, easy cleaning of ironparticles & saves time.ThisEasy to clean Magnet Grillare fitted with an interlock. To clean the Grill, remove it from the hopper, slide open the lock, and slide out the inner magnetic tubes, the outer stationery tubes would cut its contact with inner magnetic tubes providing the tramp iron to fall apart. This helps in reducing the time spent to clean the individual magnetic tube & also provides maintenance free low cost separation avoiding breakdowns of machines & quality of production.