PMT Magnetic Separators bring benefits throughout pulping and papermaking processes as it offers quality, labour cost benefits and can be operated effectively on the existing process lines.

Magnetic separators are used to remove iron particles from both dry and liquid line in pulp and papermaking industry.Iron particles are present throughout the pulping and papermaking process.

The iron particles are found in following process lines:

(1) Chips to pulp mills (2) Coal being fed in the power house (3) Additives such as Starch, Clay Coloured pigments, Dry chemicals etc., being fed into processing.

The prevalence of iron particles can damage refiners, pulpers, pumps, jordans and board mill presses. It is tremendously beneficial to remove iron particles as early in the process as possible.

The essence and application of Magnetic Separators can be broken down into three major categories of wood product users:

(1) Paper Mills (2) Secondary FibreMills; (3) Particleboard, hardboard, insulating board.

Bagasse, the fibrous residue remaining after the extraction of juice from the crushed stalks of sugar cane, is used as a source of cellulose for some paper products. While many sugar mills use magnetic separators before the rolls that squeeze juice from cane, a substantial quantity of small iron particles remains. If bagasse not cleaned, tramp iron can damage boiler/ feed equipment.

Pulpers & Refiners: Most secondary fibre mills have discovered through experience that placing a Liquid Inline Magnetic Separator ahead of the pressurized refiners or jordans is very useful and helps in removal of damaging ferrous particles.

Magnetic Separators for Paper & Pulp Industry

Plate Magnet

Hump Magnet

Grill Magnet

Drum Magnet

Suspension Magnet

Box type Magnet Drum

Overband Suspension Magnet

Pulley Magnet

Liquid In Line Magnet / Magnetic Stainer

Installations: In the initial processes of paper mills, suspended magnets or magnetic head pulleys are frequently utilized in conjunction with belt conveyors to move chips or coal.

As we know most fine paper mills use type SS304 and SS316 (which is nonmagnetic) in liquid lines, Liquid Inline Magnetic Separator & Grill Magnet are used ahead of the digester in many cases. Liquid Inline magnetic separator remove iron particles and these units also collect minute particles of black ferrous materials and oxides that could affect paper brightness, an increasingly important characteristic in today’s market.

Drum Magnet, Plate Magnet and Liquid In line Magnetic separator are designed to remove smaller material within a process.Drum Magnet are installed at the discharge of hoppers & is a typical method for automatically separation of iron particles from woodchip and coal lines. Drum Magnets are typically used to separate damaging iron from smaller particles size in a dry material flow.

Large tramp iron must be prevented from entering the “closed” system & this can be done with installation of Suspension Magnet and Pulley Magnet on conveyors feeding material into pulpers. Magnetic Pulley is an inexpensive way to create a magnetic separator using an existing belt conveyor. In Pulley, Drum, Suspension the permanent magnets provide effective, economical removal of ferrous particles.

Other Magnetic Separators useful in both paper mills and secondary fibre mills include:

Plate Magnet - on the discharge end of chip screens: (typically installed in chutes where material flows over the magnet face).

Hump Magnet - on pneumatic conveying lines handling chips, lap pulp, clay, starch (Hump magnets are housing with 2 Plate Magnets and take advantage of gravity and direction change to remove iron particles) and.

Grill Magnets - to clean bag or bulk colour pigment going into the system.

Value of Magnetic Separators for Pulp and Papermaking Industry:

  • Reduction of Machinery maintenance and repair.
  • Reduction in paper rejects due to black specks.
  • Cost Savings & better quality products.
  • Reduction in downtime and production loss.
  • Improvement in brightness factor.
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