PMT offers complete line of Magnetic Separators for the Plastics Industry. PMT designs and manufactures variety of magnetic separators used throughout plastics industryat various positions in the plastic recycling and plastic processing linesto remove tramp iron from products and prevent damaging of processing machines & equipment.

In Plastic Industry, the plastic processing can be divided into two:the first is where raw materials used for processing is virgin plastic to producehigh quality plastic goods for both household and industrialuse. The second is where raw material used for processing is the recycled plastics. From last couple of years there is a rapid increase in thecost of virgin plastics, issues relating to environment and green practices which have led to a rise in use of recycled plastic. It is basically done at a specialist recycling plants or in-house at plastic processing units.

Magnetic Separators for Plastic Industry

Plate Magnet

Hump Magnet

Grill Magnet

Rod Magnet

Drum Magnet

Rotary Grill

Suspension Magnet

Drawer Magnet

Dual Door Magnet

Pipe Magnet

It is very important that the final product is of best quality and free from iron/ferrous particles. Unwanted Iron can be introduced at various stages of the processing and if it ends up in the final product, then will negatively affect both the product quality and image of the company.One major problem due to presence of damaging iron is it can cause damage to processing machine/equipmentresulting in repair costs and downtime. For instance, injection moulding equipment’sare pretty expensive and to frequently replace injection barrels or screws will not only hit the production cycle but also affect the profit and sales of the company.

With ever increasing useof recycled plastic to produce the plastic products, it is very important for the processor to have in place an effective and efficientiron separation process /system. Removing unwanted iron at early stage will help in producingbest quality product and prevent damage to the processing machines/equipment’s at various stages of granulation and injection moulding.

Magnetic Separators are the first line of defence to remove damaging tramp iron in the process flow that can damage equipment and contaminate product. Our magnetic separators can be installed for any type of material (solid/liquid/dry or slurry) and in any type of process including gravity or free-flowing, belt or conveyor fed, pneumatic conveyors or liquid lines.

The damaging iron / unwanted iron problems can be solved using PMT Magnetic Separators.PMT have developed a range of Magnetic Separators for Plastic Industry: Plate Magnet, Grill Magnet, Rod Magnet, Hump Magnet, Drawer Magnet, Drum Magnet, Box Type Drum Magnet, Dual Door Magnet, Suspension Magnet, Pipe Magnet and Rotary Grill Magnetic Separator.The magnetic separators are made up of permanent magnets of different strengths and designsdepending on the application.

PMT's vast experience of almost 3 decades in the area of Iron Separation will help in selection of Magnetic Separatorsuitable for a specific application and area in your process line for efficient and effective solution of iron separation..

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