PMT Dual Door Box Magnet is ideal for removal of iron/ferrous particles fromthe products which do not flow particularly easily and may have a tendency to bridge or chokein high volumedry processing applications. They are a huge success in powdery, moist or sticky products for iron separation where other magnetic separators fail to perform. Box Magnets feature two powerful permanentmagnets doors opposite each other creating powerful magnetic circuit inside the chute. They are installed within the vertical gravity feed chutes for the extraction of ironparticles from the product flow. As material enters through the box inlet, it passes over a centre deflectorwhich angles the product flow towards the powerful magnetic doors. The iron particles inthe product flow is then arrested and held by the powerfulmagnetic doors and the clean material passes through the box outlet.

To initiate cleaning quickly release the side magnetic doors and easily wipe off with gloved hand the iron particles arrested onto the magnetic doors. Dual Door Box Magnet housing is flanged for fitting into existing process lines/applications. They are widely used in products flows like flour, sugar, cocoa, starch, flour,gypsum and other sticky products for iron separation.

Unique Features

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