PMT Magnetic Handle is the most economical & efficient handy separator. It is useful in separation of ferrous particles across various industries such as Food Processing, Flour Mills, Gaur Gum Processing, Plastics, Powder, Cement, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paper & Pulp, Animal feeds, Ceramics, Glass recycling/manufacturing, Mining, Coal handling, Textile Manufacturing, Crushing, Malt processing & Other Extraction Industries.

Simply pass through the Magnetic Handle over the equipment or area/location to capture the iron particles. The cleaning of this is simple and can be completed in fraction of seconds. To initiate cleaning, hold the handle at the top and release the cover from the magnet unit. The handle would cut its contact with the magnetic circuit providing the iron particles to fall apart. Magnetic Handle can play important role in cleaning other Magnetic Equipment/Separators where manual cleaning is performed. Magnetic Handle cost can be recovered within few months of its put to use. They are available in standard sizes & also in custom sizes to suit specific needs of the end user or application.

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