PMT Overband Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separator are designed to eliminate ferrous contaminants from the product carried by belt/conveyors. These separators uses high strength overhead suspended plate magnet housed in belt conveyor operating in an inverted position.The Permanent Magnetic Overband Separator are specially used when an automatically removal of ferrous contamination is necessary on continuous basis.

They are widely used across various industries:Food Processing, Mining & Minerals, Ceramic & Powder, Paper & Pulp, Plastic & Glass manufacturing, Recycling, Steelworks etc.These units can be placed above flat or trough type conveyors either in cross-belt or in-line configuration. It ensures removal of iron particles from the conveyed material ensuring improved product quality and protects machinery from damage.For best results it is recommended to install suspension magnet above the pulley where the belt is straight and also depth of material is less compared to other locations or at the discharge end of the belt conveyor.

Magnet Unit: The magnet is made of Powerful Strontium Ferrite Magnets and a Non- Magnetic stainless steel plate is provided to cover the poles of Magnet. This magnet unit is totally maintenance free.

Working: Incorporated is a motor-driven conveyor belt running across the face of the magnet, continually moving the collected material away from the magnetic circuit. Once the belt moves away from magnetic circuit the ferrous material falls from the belt.


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