PMT Pipe/Cylinder Magnet are ideal for the removal of iron particles from gravity fed and pneumatically conveyed pipelines. The Pipe Magnets are installed in the existing pipelines. The dry free-flowing product flows through the body and over the cone shaped magnetic cylinder centrally located inside the Pipe. The Magnetic Cylinder incorporates high intensity Gemini Rare Earth Powerful Magnets which generates deep penetrating magnetic fields which enables to capture iron particles from the product flow. The cone shaped design helps in diverting the product around the magnetic cylinder and maintaining free flow of the material.

All dry powders and granular type materials can be processed through the Pipe Magnet ensuring product purity and protect machinery such as blenders, granulators, mixers and screw feed conveyors from damage. For best results the magnetic cylinder to be installed in Vertical Position and exactly at the Centre of the Product Flow ensuring efficient removal of ferrous. The Pipe Magnet can be deployed for iron separation in case of movement of powder, flour, mineral materials, chemical, plastics, food processing, pharmaceutical and malt processing.

Cleaning :

To initiate cleaning, simply open the locks to release the door. Open the door to gain access to the Magnetic Cylinder, wear protective gloves and wipe off the iron particles captured on the surface of Magnetic cylinder. Post cleaning of all the attracted iron particles close the door and lock it for operations.

Unique Features

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