PMT Plate Magnet are one of the most economical and proven permanent magnetic separator. They are widely used across various industries such as Food Processing, Flour Mills, Plastics, Powder, Cement, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paper & Pulp, Animal feeds, Ceramics, Glass recycling/manufacturing, Mining, Coal handling, Textile Manufacturing, Crushing & Malt processing for separation of iron particles from different types of materials. The Magnet Plate can be easily installed almost at any position/location in the existing processing line/system/elevator chute.The most popular location is on downside of the chute and material flowing above the Magnet Plate i.e. material strikes the surface of the magnetic plate.With the Magnet Plate, one can get rid of iron particles like nails, nuts, bolts, etc. and avoid damage to costly instruments/machinery (Cracker/Flaker/Seed Cleaner/Hammer Mill), safeguarding of product purity and reduction in downtime..

Magnet Plate are available in standard & customized sizes, power & poles to suit the end user requirement.With the technological advancement Magnets with greater strength and power are also available in Magnet plate and we name it as “Gemini Rare Earth Powerful Magnets” with greater holding power and Gauss power.

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