PMT Magnet Pulley is a Self-Cleaning separator. It is installed as head Pulley in belt conveyor for continuous & automatic removal of iron/ferrous particles from product on the belt. Installed at the discharge end of the belt conveyors, magnet pulley are ideal for removal of ferrous particles that cannot be removed by either a Plate Magnet or Suspension Magnet due to the depth of conveyed product. Pulley consists of 360 degree Magnetic field that retains the iron particles till the belt passes the face of the pulley. Thereafter the iron particles falls behind the divider & the cleaned material due to gravity falls ahead.

Magnet Pulley is an integral part of conveying system and for installation there is no need of any additional setup or arrangement. The key waved shafting of pulley can directly fit into the existing drive of the belt conveyor system. It is very effective in separating tramp iron from Feed & Grain, Coal Handling, Mining, Waste Recovery, Paper & Pulp industries. It is maintenance free and effective separator with high percentage of separation of iron particles.

Magnet Pulley are available in various sizes with key waved shafting to suit the specific requirements. They are also available with "Gemini Rare Earth Powerful Magnets" for greater level of iron separation.

Unique Features

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