PMT Rod/Tube Magnet are made up of "Gemini Rare Earth Powerful Magnets" encased in stainless steel 304. They are very useful where due to space restrictions Magnet Grill or Drawer in-housing arrangement is not possible.Magnet Rods are widely used forremoving fine iron particles from free flowing products such as flour, tea, coffee, grain, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastic powder, guar gum powder, sugar, granulate and any other types of powder.

Magnet Rods/Tubes are available in standard size with diameter of 1" and length as per the end user requirement. Super Powerful Magnetic Rods/Tubes are also available to suit the customized requirements.Magnet Rods/Tubes are available with threading on both sides/single side or blank or with studded ends foreasy and appropriate installation in hopper,pipelines etc.The end user can arrange individual magnet tubes in a configuration that works best for their applications.

Unique Features

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