PMT Magnetic Rotary Grill Separator is specifically designed for granular type material like flour, starch, granulates, confectionery sugar, cornstarch, cocoa, wood flour, protein or any powder with semi dry and dry characteristic. It helps in speedy removal of iron particles from bulk materials that tend to stick, clog and have tendency to bridge or choke when using traditional magnetic separators. It allows difficult products to be screened without clogging the process line. They are available in standard sizes with diameter of 10", 12" 14" along-with gear motor with 16rpm. Rotary unit are also available in customized sizes & without gear motor to suit specific requirements. The number of magnet tubes depends on the inlet and outlet size of the Rotary unit.

Working :

The centrally mounted Rotary Grill unit with number of powerful magnetic tubes assembled in circular arrangement rotates at 16 rpm and product/material passes through the magnetic tubes. The powerful magnetic tubes in the Rotary Grill Separator attracts and holds the minute iron particles and continuous rotation prevents the material flow from clogging/choking in the processing line. The operating speed should not be greater than 20 rpm, for best results it is advisable to operate at 16 rpm. For better and maximum results all the material should directly flow through the magnetic tubes.

Cleaning :

To initiate cleaning, switch off the gear motor, open the locks and remove the lockable door. Pull out the Rotary Grate unit from the housing and wipe off with gloved hand the ferrous material accumulated on the magnetic tubes. Put back the Rotary Grill in housing and close the lockable door for the use. The frequency of cleaning is determined by the amount of ferrous contamination in the product. The cleaning cycle should prevent the excessive accumulation of ferrous material & frequent cleaning will ensure rotary unit provides with full separation efficiency.

Inside Rotary Unit

Unique Features

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