PMT Suspension Magnet are useful where mechanized handling is installed&material is in large quantity. Suspension Magnet are installed over the belt conveyor applications. They are suitable for iron separation acrossvarious industries such as Food processing, Feed & Grain, Mining, Fertilizers, Recycling, Pulp & Paper,Tire Shredding etc.In case of recycling applications, suspension magnets can be installed to capture ferrous particles from recycled material before and after it goes through a grinder or shredder.

Suspension Magnetare made of Powerful Strontium Ferrite Magnets and a Non- Magnetic stainless steel plate is provided to cover the poles of these magnets. Deep magnetic fields are generated due to the powerful magnets, enabling a pull from a much further distance – as much as 4 inches to 5 inches. The Magnet is fitted with hooks at the top to aid in hanging or suspension purposes.These units can be placed above flat or trough type conveyors either in cross-belt or in-line configuration, for removal of iron particles from the conveyed material ensuring improved product quality and protect machinery from damage.

Suspension Magnets are totally maintenance free with no operating cost.They are available in various sizes as per the belt width to suit the requirements of customer/end user.

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